Alex Maekivi

(Senior Embedded Software Engineer / Consultant)

I am looking for the next software / firmware development contract (Available from Sept. 2014). Have a look at the CV and get in touch if interested. I would prefer working from home based office most of the time, with travel / meetings on site regularly or as necessary.


18 years of experience as a software engineer specializing in embedded systems, telecommunications, including firmware / system and protocol software design and implementation for Motorola MC68HC11, MC68HC16, MC68302, MIPS VR4310, Dallas (Intel) 80C51, AMD CC 186, PowerQUICC, Intel Pentium, Microchip MCUs, Siemens / Lantiq Danube and Amazon, Atmel SAM MCUs

Has development experience using the following languages: C, C++, Motorola MC68HC11, MC68HC16 assembly, Intel 80C51 assembly, Intel 8086 assembly, 80C51 C (Keil Software), C for Motorola microcontrollers (Introl and Microtec). C for MIPS Linux., C for Linux/Unix using gcc, C for MAC OSX and iOS (using XCODE)

Has experience interfacing with the following hardware: Motorola SCI and SPI systems, 80C51 serial communications, A/Ds, LCDs and 7-seg LEDs, I2C EEPROMs, chip monitors, UARTs, USART, SSC & DMA, RF transceivers and telephony hardware: voice codecs (Siemens, VoicePump / DSP Group, Lucent), SLICs (AMD, Lucent), Realtek ethernet switch, Brooktrout cPCI PRI cards, Conexant V.92 modem chipset., SBS ATM cards, ISDN transceivers (Siemens IPAC, NEC - Japanese ISDN), Motorola cPCI chassis, SBS E1/T1/X.21 cards, Ramix PMC Quad Ethernet Cards, Nokia, Falcon and Siemens GSM / GPRS modules, SBS DS3 card, synchronous and asynchronous serial communication cards

Has design-level knowledge of the following communication protocols: RS232C, I2C, IP, TCP, UDP, PPP, ICMP, TFTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, NTP / SNTP, P1024C, ISO 1745 (IBRO-30 EFT POS), HDLC / LAPD / LAPB, X.25, X.28, x.29, X.31, ISDN layer 3 (Q.931), XMODEM, V.23/Bel FSK / Caller ID, Exposure to GSM, GPRS (MS-BSS interface), Bluetooth, H.323, RTP, GSM 07.05, GSM 03.40 (SMS)., GPS NMEA 183, Japanese Kyokkan X.25 protocol, XOT (RFC1513), ISO TP over TCP (RFC1006), UPNP, NAT PMP, ICE, STUN, TURN

Has experience implementing in software symmetric and public key encryption and signing: AES, DES, Triple DES, ARC4 (Alleged RC4), CAST-128 (a.k.a CAST5), Blowfish, Twofish, RSA, MD5 (message digest algorithm), SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm)


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, American Institute for Computer Sciences, Birmingham, USA. Graduated in 1999.

Irkutsk State Institute of Foreign Languages, Department of the English Language., Russian Federation. 1992-1996.

Irkutsk State Technical University one year course in computer systems and communication networks., Russian Federation. 1989 - 1990.

Professional Experience:

May 2002 to Aug 2014: Virtual Access Ireland (

Senior Embedded Software Engineer
  • Design and implementation of firmware for Multi-protocol USB Serial card (supporting V.24, X.21, synchronous and asynchronous RS232) based on Atmel SAM3X8E MCU. Design and implementation of Openwrt Linux driver and for this card.
  • Design and implementation of HDLC Pseudowire mode in the terminal server daemon for Openwrt Linux based router
  • Design and implementation of RFC2217 (COM port control) support in the terminal server daemon for Openwrt Linux based router.
  • Design and implementation of NMEA-183 GPS daemon for Openwrt Linux based router.
  • Design and implementation of Analogue Leased Line card Linux driver integrating V.23 half duplex soft modem for OpenWrt Lantiq Danube platform.
  • Design and implementation of X.25 over IP migration solution for KPN telephony switch management network (Ericsson AXE and Lucent 5ESS switches). Specifically responsible for the development of following Linux router daemons and drivers: X.25 over IP (based on XOT), terminal server, X.25 PAD, Lawful Intercept bridge.
  • Design and implementation of Linux communication protocol daemon applications (X.25 over TCP, multiport asynchronous serial / terminal server) for Linux Danube, OpenWrt based IP router device.
  • Design and implementation of Voice over IP audio system software on on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform, including proprietary signalling over TCP IP, control entity DSP AudioCodes and ADT(voice packet processor) drivers, Zarlink SLIC / SLAC interface driver - FXS / FXO interface
  • Design and implementation of terminal server module (TCP/UDP/IP to serial port) on on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Design and implementation of ISDN bridge / Frame Bridge modules (payload forwarding between LAPB and LAPD and frame forwarding between serial synchronous interface and ISDN B channel and D Channel on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Design and Implementation of TPAD protocol module (Transactional Packet Assembler Disassembler) on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Design and Implementation of VRRP protocol module (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Design and Implementation of Multilink, Multi-platform PPP module on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Design and Implementation of CISCO mode XOT protocol module (X.25 over TCP - RFC1613) on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Design and Implementation of X.25 Incoming Call Offering procedures on ISDN D Channel using Q.931 protocol in point-to-multipoint configuration on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform, also extension of layer 2 stack to support 8 terminals and customized dynamic TEI management.
  • Design and Implementation of ISDN emulation and conversion to TCP module on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Development of new features and bug fixes to AOS Manager GUI (Win32 application written in C++ MFC that controls Always On Server (AOS) cPCI platform)
  • Design and Implementation of NT mode support in Infenion IPAC ISDN driver.
  • Design and Implementation of Failure Detection and Switchover feature on Always On Server (AOS) cPCI platform. (Project for NTT Communications Japan)
  • Design and Implementation of OAM Loopback feature in SBS ATM card driver on Always on Server (AOS) cPCI platform.
  • Design and Implementation of Nokia12 GSM / GPRS card driver on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • TCP window size adjustment in IPAT (IP address translation) engine on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform.
  • Performance optimization of content filtering feature (HTTP proxy) on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform, involved changes to IP Fast Path engine.
  • Development of Telit GM862 GPRS card driver on Service Managed Gateway (SMG) platform (involved interfacing to PowerQUICC SCC - serial communications controller)
  • Implementation of support for additional internal ethernet port on Realtek ethernet switch of SMG (Service Managed Gateway) to interface to an external ANNEX C ADSL bridge.
  • Design and Implementation of add on features to control and configure Realtek 9 port ethernet switch on SMG (Service Managed Gateway), including auto-negotiation, 10/100 speed, duplex mode, digital loopback, powerdown and isolation.
  • Design and Implementation of LAN segmentation function in the low-level ethernet driver (Realtek 9 port ethernet switch) on SMG (Service Managed Gateway)
  • Design and Implementation of XOT (X.25 over TCP) functionality on SMG (Service Managed Gateway), which included: - XOT protocol module
    - Interface to TCP/IP socket layer
    - Interface to LAPB protocol layer
    - Interfacing LAPB layer to Serial synchronous driver (X.21)
  • Various fixes and add on features to support asynchronous PPP over V.90 interface on SMG (Service Managed Gateway) platform
  • Design and Implementation of low-level driver for V.90 hardware on SMG (Service Managed Gateway). Also assisted debugging and the release of V.90 hardware interface.
  • Design and Implementation of the support for cPCI Hot Swap of Brooktrout PRI ISDN Cards for AO/DI / (PHI) Packet Handler server (AOS - Always On Server). Host platform is CompactPCI chassis Motorola CPX2000, processor card Teknor or Motorola with Pentium III CPU. Operating System - Pharlap OS. Project for DTAG (Deuche Telecom)
  • Extension of cPCI driver of Brooktrout PRI ISDN Card to support 2 cards (240 B channels) in AO/DI Server (AOS - Always On Server), host platform - CompactPCI chassis Motorola CPX2000, processor card Teknor with Pentium III CPU. Operating System - Pharlap OS.

June 2010 to Oct 2012: Antecea Inc. (

Senior Software Engineer (remote contract)
  • Design and implementation of high capacity distributed Linux broker server daemon (100k+ concurrent sessions) for peer to peer NAT traversal applications.
  • Design and implementation of Websocket (RFC6455) Linux server proxy daemon.
  • Design and implementation of Peer to peer NAT traversal client components for MS Windows and Apple iOS, based on ICE protocol (Interactive Connectivity Establishment, RFC5245)
  • Design and implementation of cross platform audio / RTP streaming library for MS Windows, MAC OSX and iOS.

June 2010 to Oct 2012: Eicon Networks (now Dialogic), Dublin R&D, Ireland (

Embedded Software Engineer, Team Leader

Nov 2001 to May 2002 - Embedded Group - Team Leader
Responsible for project and general team management, while also involved in firmware design and implementation. Work on new features and active maintenance of Diva 85x external ISDN modems, Diva LAN ISDN modems and continue "Voice over Packet" research.

  • Design and Implementation of IBRO-30 protocol (ISO 1745), a.k.a. TPAD, to interface with EFT POS payment terminals for Diva85x ISDN modems in C for AMD CC 186 processor.
  • Design and Implementation of North American Caller ID (Bell202 FSK) support for Diva85x ISDN modems in C for AMD CC 186 processor.
  • Design and Implementation of firmware debug trace facility for Diva85x ISDN modems in C for AMD CC 186 processor.
  • Enhancement of hook state detection for Diva85x ISDN modems in C for AMD CC 186 processor. (De-bouncing POTS hardware events)
  • Design and Implementation of Support for DMA interface to High Speed UART for Diva85x ISDN modems in C for AMD CC 186 processor.
  • Re-work of V.23 FSK Caller ID feature for Diva85x ISDN modems in C for AMD C186 processor.

Sep 2000 to Nov 2001 - Research Group - Embedded Software Engineer. Conducted research work in the area of wireless and "voice over packet" technologies with the objective of creating a new prototype product or technology platform(s):

  • Project Management and administration (50%)
  • Design and Implementation of driver for VoicePump VP140 Codec / Voice processor in C on Motorola MC68302 (Eicon OS) and MIPS VR4310 processors (Linux OS)
  • Design, Implementation also providing guidance to junior staff to develop components of H323 signalling and voice traffic (RTP) interface modules
  • GSM/GPRS research:
    - Technical Overview of GSM (circuit-switched voice) and GPRS related protocols,
    - Analisys of competitor GPRS products,
    - Research and assessment of available GPRS chipsets, EVBs, 3rd party software, test equipment and tools.
  • Bluetooth (Technical Overview of Technology and Solutions)

Oct 1999 to Sep 2000 - Embedded Group - Embedded Software Engineer. As a team member, contributed to the design and implementation of embedded software in C for MC68302 external ISDN modems and LAN modems and on Eicon WAN cards

  • Design and Implementation of Call Forwarding of Internal PBX calls on ISDN LAN modem with 4 phone ports, including: Call Forwarding Unconditional (CFU), Call Forwarding Busy (CFB) and Call Forwarding No Reply (CFNR)
  • Design and implementation of "Speed Dial" feature on ISDN LAN modem
  • Design and implementation of "Advice of Charge" feature on ISDN LAN modem, based on "Advice of Charge at the End of Call" ISDN supplementary service (Using ASN 1 encoding)
  • Various features and bug fixes for ISDN, POTS, X25 and BIOS modules for external modems and EiconCards

Jun 1997-Oct 1999: Innovative Systems Products Inc. USA (

Embedded Software Engineer

As a part of the development team, designed and implemented firmware using Motorola assembly, for MC68HC16Z1 and MC68HC11A8 microcontrollers for following projects:

  • Security Badge Reader Controller: (Interfacing with 7-segment LED display and Error display driver module; Network messages parser module; Error log module; Dbase message parses module; System reset feature)
  • 6 Port RS485 Security Network Hub. Solely responsible for design, implementation and testing of firmware release 1 and 2.

Feb 1996-Feb 1999: Irkutsk Central Airways Agency. "Sirena-2" Communication Center, Russia (

Software Engineer, Principal Software Engineer

Design and implementation of network terminal emulating and router software for airline reservations networks:

  • Implementation of new features for the "Sirena" airline network router for Intel 8086 processor
  • Complete design and implementation of airline network terminal, supporting 12 RS232C ports, Ethernet, X25, Netbios and P1024 (terminal protocol for Airline reservation network).

Additional Information

1990 - 1992 Military Service

Command of Languages

  • English: fluent
  • Russian: fluent
  • German: basic

Citizenship / Visa situation:
Dual citizenship: EU (Ireland), Russian Federation. No visa required for travel or working in the EU or Russia


Available on request